Red Phase Instruments - Design & Manufacture Electrical Test Equipment
Red Phase Instruments - Design & Manufacture Electrical Test Equipment


Red Phase Instruments have developed a range of KWh meter test units for both  Single and Poly-Phase meters, with in-built phantom load ability.

MODEL 471 SINGLE PHASE METER TESTERThe Model 471 is a fully digital kWh meter tester, with an in built 30 Amp phantom load ability. A digital signal processor performs all of the energy calculations and measurements and a separate processor board facilitates parameter entry and results display.

SUPPLY VOLTAGE RANGE: 220V to 270V, 50Hz/ 60Hz
CURRENT INJECTION: 30A, 20A, 15A, 10A, 5A, 2A, 1.5A, 1A, 0.5A
The currents can be injected at Power Factors of: 1.0, 0.86 lag or 0.5 lag, selectable on the LCD screen.
Energy measurement accuracy is 0.05% over the following ranges:
220V-270V. 0.5A-30A. 1.0PF to 0.86PF lag. 48Hz to 52Hz, or 58Hz to 62Hz.
Energy measurement accuracy is 0.075% over the above ranges at 0.86PF lag to 0.5PF lag.
The voltage and current measurement as shown on the LCD screen is accurate to 1%.
The frequency is accurate to 0.1Hz
Phase angle to 1 deg.
Unit size is 400mm wide X 340mm deep X 200mm high, and weight 10kg.
Recommended operating temperature range is 0deg C to 40deg C.
Up to 500 Meter test records can be stored.
Records can be downloaded to a PC using the USB port on the front panel.

MODEL 689 100A 3 PHASE METER TESTERThe Model 689B meter tester uses a Digital Signal Processor
and a display processor to measure and calculate meter
errors to 0.03% or 0.1% accuracy.

The Model 689B has a 3 phase switch mode current source.
For testing direct connected meters to 100A there are 6 large
6mm sockets on the front panel. Testing C.T. meters to 10A is
done using the multi pin “CURRENT” socket on the front panel.

The model 3028 clip on C.T. clamps have basic phase and
ratio accuracy of 0.2%, which allows accurate testing of direct
connected polyphase and single phase meters without the
need to disconnect the meter wiring or interrupting supply to the

Up to 1000 test records can be stored for review or later
downloading to a USB flash drive.
The chassis of the 689B is fitted in a rugged transit case using rubber mounts to protect it against
rough handling in the field. There is a carry handle on top and both ends of the case.
MODEL 470A 3 PHASE REFERENCE STANDARDThe Model 691 is a moderately priced 3 phase reference standard.
It is packaged in a 19” style bench-top case with all connections on the front panel for use in meter test benches.

The software enables meter testing with all the common type of real and reactive kWh meters, both disc and electronic types.

The LCD readout shows all the parameters in the test circuit as well as meter test results.